3rd Lodge: Baobab Safari Lodge, Botswana

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After a short flight back to Kasane and another long drive to our next lodge we just enjoyed the sunset

Baobab Lodge was situated close by the river Chobe - next to the entrance of the Chobe National Park so we expected quite a lot of game sightings.
In the first warming sunrays we saw this big buffalo - and behind the bushes a whole big herd of one of the "Big Five", probably 4 dozen buffalos - quite a sight !
On the way back we were followed by a small group of Elephants - actually they even blocked the way back... They even threatened us when we backed up for a better view
Here at Chobe we saw the typical tree of Botswana: the Baobab - it can store hundrets of liters of water under its bark - the reason why they are often damaged by Elephants during the dry period.
Right: The banks of the river Chobe
We enjoyed those magnificent views along the Chobe - which actually is the border to Namibia. On the Namibian side we could see huge flocks of different antelopes like these Impalas

Left: a tree trunk felled probably by an Elephant and then fossilized

Right: One of the most colorful birds of prey in Botswana: a Bateleur Eagle

The view from the lodge over the various arms of the Chobe was really beautiful Anytime you watched there were hundreds of different animals in sight 
During all game drives we had to stop once in a while for some passing "walkers" - Frankolins (left) and guinea fowls cannot fly - and they always have to cross the way when you want to pass...
Another Impala Down on the banks of the river they still could find lots of fresh green... 
In the evening some Elephants come down to the Chobe for a bath...
... while we enjoyed the sundown
On the way back to the lodge we passed a group of Giraffes even with a joung one

Right: One of the Genets that visited the lodge in the night for some snacks from the tourists
Yeah ! The next morning finally brought us the first three lions ! An overwhelming sight - another one of the "Big Five" helping himself from a prey in the morning sun - always keeping an eye on us
True love ? Well... but two friends helping each other washing up - later the boss took a nap in the shade.
Left: two Nyala does

Right: The big Kudu has the biggest and most impressive corkscrew antlers
In spite of the dry period the trees along the banks of the Chobe were full of green And among them often lots of Baboons having the time of their life
Around noon we found another group of lions in the shade of some trees - looking at us as if asking if we wanted to play a bit with them...
Impalas and Kudus... ...quite a difference in size
Left: a Kudu doe with her satellite ears pointed towards us

Right: the remnants of a Leopardīs lunch
While we enjoyed a quiet lunch in the jeep hundreds of Elephants emerged from the woods taking their bath and enjoying the water. Some passed our car just within one or two meters - looking at us, evaluating us. We almost could feel their breaths - and looking into those dark peaceful eyes put you into a different world, time stood still.... One of the most valuable moments in all my life !
Then the parents showed their offspring how to dislodge the grass from the hard ground (left) while a big swarm of birds passed overhead
Almost everyday we saw some warthogs - this one dozing in the midday heat Actually we got warthog for dinner twice during our whole tour - very tasty !
Left: Another crossing - this time an Oxpecker-carrying Giraffe

Right: On the way back we found our friends once more
While one was still in the shade the others were enjoying the last sunrays of the day - but one of them just had to get back into the shade when our car (plus eight others, since this was a holiday in Botswana it was quite busy there) was right between him and his buddy - so after taking a look he decided to cross the way just behind our jeep
Golden Skies above Chobe river...
Left: The colors of Africa - the nightsky even showed the half moon, but in quite a different angle than we are used to

Right: On the way back to Kasane Airport we saw our first (and only) Ostriches.

Well... Bye bye Chobe