2nd Lodge: Lianshulu Bush Lodge, East Caprivi Namibia

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After a short flight with a small Cessna we arrived in Namibia around Noon - seeing the first Elephants on the banks of the Kwando River So we directly embarked on a 3-hour cruise on the Kwando towards our Lodge. Although it was really hot (almost 40° C)  the breeze and all those wonderful sights made up for it..
Apart from the Elephans and some Buffalos we saw a lot of birds and this beautiful Monitor Lizard soaking up the sun...
Evenings at the lodge always ended at the sundeck under a colorful sky... Usually we then gathered around the fireplace to listen to some more Cheetah stories from Matto Barfuss who was second guide on this Safari. Or we watched the stars above like Crux Australis... 

The next morning started with another game drive - this time we found a big herd of Zebras - maybe monitoring us as intently in our Toyota as we watched them...

The main house of our lodge photographed from the Kwando Within lots of green it really was the most beautiful place where we stayed during our whole trip. 
The cottages were small but very homey - with a view towards the Kwando.

right: Teatime on the sundeck

During the evening game drive we chose an old Termite hill to have a better view. On the banks of the river we saw many White-tailed Sea-eagles
This Whitefronted Bee-eater sat still for a few minutes until everyone had taken a good photo - a real model... During sunset we finally found a big group of Hippos
Another beautiful sunset in Africa Sometimes you thought the sky was burning...
The next morning we found a fresh Lion track just a few minutes away from the lodge - and a flock of White-backed Vultures in the trees
During midday many animals came to help themselves from the lodge´s watering place - a perfect chance for a photographer... ... only that you had to hold still for 10 minutes for a shot like this one - but it was worth it: a very shy Bush Squirrel
Luckily those numerous colorful birds did not care so much about being photographed...

right: on the way back to the airstrip we hat to let a few Elephants cross first