1st Lodge: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (21.-23.09.2003)

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As a child I had already dreamed of visiting Africa and now this dream was about to come true ! Arriving at that small tourist´s town Victoria Falls I was amazed at the colors and beauty everywhere....
Anke, my roomate in Africa, and I were going for a walk on our first afternoon there, taking a look at what Vic Falls had to offer. And apart from the two streets that were loaded with shops we also found some other nice places... These bigger-than-lifesize-statues really made us feel like being in the bush...
left: I loved all those big palms at the Victoria Falls Hotel

right: From the backside of that hotel you could see the famous big bridge across the Zambezi

This is the entrance to Llala Lodge, the place where we stayed for two nights - not too big but with a big variety of meals (I especially loved all those fresh fruit in the morning) and very friendly people all around.
The next morning started around 6 o´clock with a walk along the 1,7 km long and 110 meter deep Victoria Falls - passing the Zambezi bridge in the sunrise
End of September is also the end of the dry season so the Zambezi did not have too much water but it was still a magnificent sight with all these rainbows. The people in Zimbabwe call these Falls 'the smoke that thunders' - especially in the rain season the spray can rise as high as 400 meters - creating the only rainforest in the deep south of the African continent
We enjoyed our first real outdoor experience in Africa - although we only saw few wild animals (a female bushbuck and lots of birds) the sound and view and the feel of the spray at the Falls sets you at peace
In the evening we took a boat out on the Zambezi to watch the sunset Well, our boat was not as beautiful as this one passing us but we all had a good time aboard, watching crocodiles and our first hippos.
A typical Zimbabwean sunset